Multivisceral Ex Vivo Surgery for Tumors Involving Celiac and Superior Mesenteric Arteries


Tomoaki Kato,


Abdominal tumors involving both roots of the celiac and superior mesenteric artery are deemed unresectable by conventional surgical methods. We performed three cases of multivisceral ex vivo surgery involving temporary removal of the entire abdominal viscera followed by vascular reconstruction, ex vivo tumor resection and autotransplantation of excised organs. We achieved a complete tumor resection with negative margins in all cases. All patients have survived with no tumor recurrence to date at 17-, 27- and 38-month follow-up. Postoperative complications included diarrhea, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction and arterial stenosis; all responded to directed treatments. Multivisceral ex vivo surgery applying techniques of deceased donor multivisceral transplantation is feasible in achieving local control of otherwise unresectable abdominal tumors. This surgery is best suitable for locally invasive tumors unresectable because of location and vascular involvement.