Dentists' views on cervical hypersensitivity and their knowledge of its treatment


A. H. B. Schuurs, ACTA, Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Abstract A random sample of 400 Dutch general practitioners was asked to complete a questionnaire dealing with the prevalence, conditions and therapies of cervical hypersensitivity of their patients. According to the 259 responding dentists an average of 10% of their patients suffered from moderate cervical pain. The estimated mode for severe pain was 1%. More than two thirds of the dentists reported inadequate brushing of the teeth to cause the hypersensitivity, about one half acknowledged periodontal causes, well over one quarter mentioned the involvement of dietary acids, and about one sixth implicated psychosomatic factors. Other causal factors were mentioned less often. Of the therapies available, the home-care methods appeared to be promoted most often, i.e. brushing with therapeutic toothpastes (77%), improvement of oral hygiene (51%) and local self-application (with finger) of a therapeutic toothpaste or fluoride preparations before the night (41%). Well over 50% reported to apply occasionnally bondings/varnishes and 28% said to make sometimes cervical fillings. Other therapeutic possibilities were not, or very seldom, used.