Knowledge of first-aid measures of avulsion and replantation of teeth: an interview of 221 Kuwaiti schoolchildren


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Abstract –  The prognosis of replantation of an avulsed tooth is determined by which first-aid measures are taken during the first 15 min after avulsion. Knowledge of the correct first-aid measures is therefore crucial to successful replantation. The aims of this study were (i) to assess the present knowledge level of emergency measures for tooth avulsion in Kuwaiti schoolchildren, and (ii) to design and test an interview form with structured standardized questions. A total of 221 Kuwaiti schoolchildren (aged 7–15 years old) were interviewed by professionals using a standardized method to score several areas of knowledge about tooth avulsion and replantation. Earlier experience of first-aid information and subjection to dental trauma was registered. The following fields of knowledge were assessed: general body injury treatment principles, tooth avulsion and replantation principles, avulsed permanent/primary teeth, cleaning of avulsed tooth before replantation, extra alveolar time and storage media. The form for interviewing children proved to be sufficiently structured in performing the interviews and data management. The results of the interviews showed that 30.3% of the children had been exposed to dental trauma in the past. Among children 7–9 years of age, 25% had received information on general first aid as compared with 75% in children 10 years and older. Children 10 years and older, in general, had a high knowledge level of general principles of how to manage injuries to the body. Regardless of age group, there were generally a low knowledge level regarding tooth avulsion, replantation, extra-alveolar time and storage media. We conclude that first-aid knowledge in Kuwaiti schoolchildren is low on avulsion and replantation of teeth despite a high knowledge level of body injuries. The knowledge level of first-aid measures on avulsion and replantation of teeth could be increased through intervention programs.