Restoring of traumatized anterior teeth: a case report


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Abstract –  The fracture of anterior teeth in children creates psychological impact on both the parents and the child especially if the injury affects the permanent dentition and involves the loss of extensive tooth structure. Besides the pain and discomfort from the injury, the child’s changed appearance may make him the target for teasing and even ridicule by other children. Traumatic teeth can be treated in different ways, in the WHO system, eight groups were classified according to the anatomical structure involved, and treatment planning depends on the type of the injuries to the teeth and their supporting structures. This article describes the restoration of smile of the patients after fractured of teeth by different treatment options available. Because of the fact that lost fragmans were not recovered, and bearing in mind the patient age, we considered composite-veneered amalgam restoration of the fractured teeth as the best therapeutic option. The patient was satisfied with the final result.