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The effect of a leaflet given to parents for first aid measures after tooth avulsion


Adel Al-Asfour, Department of Surgical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Health Sciences Center, Kuwait University, P.O. Box 24923, Safat 13110, Kuwait
Tel.: +965 4986733, +965 9433838
Fax: +965 5326049


Abstract –  The aims of this study were to evaluate knowledge level among parents regarding tooth avulsion and replantation and to evaluate a simple leaflet as an information tool to enhance this knowledge. One Hundred and fifty parents in a primary school in Kuwait City participated in the study. Half of the parents received a leaflet with basic first aid message regarding what to do in case of tooth avulsion. One week after reading the leaflet, the parents who had received the leaflet were evaluated by using a questionnaire. The other half of the parents who had not seen the leaflet served as control. The level of knowledge was measured in the following categories: General knowledge of tooth avulsion, knowledge of replantation and primary vs permanent teeth, knowledge of how to clean an avulsed tooth, knowledge of extra-oral time, knowledge of storage methods and storage media. By scoring the knowledge, the level of knowledge was calculated. The results showed that knowledge level was low among Kuwaiti parents. Improvement was seen in all categories of knowledge as a result of reading the leaflet. A simple leaflet can be a valuable tool to convey important basic information and enhance knowledge of tooth avulsion and how parents should act in such a situation, although there are limitations in conveying the message for a complete understanding. Measuring the knowledge by scoring can give valuable feedback in developing various educational tools.