Traumatic dental injuries – knowledge and awareness among present and prospective teachers in selected urban and rural areas of Norway


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Abstract –  Aim:  to evaluate the knowledge and awareness of traumatic dental injuries (TDI) in children and adolescents among present and prospective teachers in selected parts of Norway.

Material and methods:  This was a descriptive cross-sectional study among present and prospective teachers. It was based on a questionnaire about TDI in children and adolescents (7–15 years of age). The participants originated from two areas, one rural and one urban. The teacher trainee students were from classes focusing on sport and physical education. Chi-square tests were used for comparisons of groups of responders and relevant variables.

Results:  A total of 143 individuals responded to the questionnaire (response rate 73.7%). Few respondents were aware of the existence of information about managing TDI at their respective schools. Only one responder (rural area) had had any education about TDI, although more than one-third of all the teachers had encountered TDI in school settings. Knowledge related to handling avulsed teeth was lower compared with handling crown fractures. Generally, the teachers had a higher level of knowledge related to the correct handling of TDI compared with the student group and they were also more confident in their respective decisions than the younger group.

Conclusions:  The findings revealed poor knowledge and awareness of TDI among present and prospective teachers in selected parts of Norway.