• bone marrow transplantation;
  • mucositis;
  • prophylaxis;
  • tretinoin

OBJECTIVE: The examination of prophylactic efficacy of tretinoin on oral mucositis, post bone marrow transplantation (BMT).

PATIENTS AND METHODS: The study population consisted of 11 patients undergoing BMT.Six tretinoin topically-treated patients (0.25 mg daily of 0.1 % tretinoin cream) were matched with five non-treated control patients comparing mucositis severity, duration and analgetic (morphine) requirementS. Concomitant follow-up included conditioning parameters associated with mucositis and engraftment.

RESULTS: The mean of oral mucositis peak scores was significantly lower in the tretinoin-treated patients vs the non-treated patients (score 1.5 vs 3.6; P < 0.02). In the majority of cases the duration of the most severe phase of oral mucositis was shorter in the tretinoin-treated group as compared with the control. Only one patient in the experimental group required morphine analgesics compared with four patients in the control group.

CONCLUSIONS: This preliminary study indicates that the severity of oral mucositis, both objective and subjective, in BMT patients may be reduced by 0.1% topical tretinoin cream, 0.25 mg, administered daily from the beginning of the BMT conditioning regimen until marrow engraftment.