• SCV-07;
  • gamma-d-glutamyl-l-tryptophan;
  • radiation;
  • mucositis;
  • animal models

Oral Diseases (2010) 16, 655–660

Objective:  To evaluate the efficacy of a novel immunomodulating peptide (SCV-07) in attenuating the course of radiation-induced mucositis in an established animal model of oral mucositis (OM).

Material and Methods:  In three separate experiments, golden Syrian hamsters received either an acute radiation challenge to the buccal mucosa of eight fractionated doses of 7.5 Gy of radiation over a 2-week-period, or a combination of acute radiation and cisplatin. In each experiment, animals were treated with varying doses or schedules of SCV-07 or placebo. OM was scored in a blinded fashion using digital images obtained during the experimental period.

Results:  We found that SCV-07 reduced the severity and duration of both acute and fractionated radiation-induced OM. Similarly, when radiation and chemotherapy were used to induce OM, treatment with SCV-07 significantly reduced the duration of ulcerative OM. The therapeutic benefit was dependent on both dose and schedule of administration.

Conclusion:  Taken together, we found SCV-07 was able to modify the duration and severity of oral mucositis and was dependent on schedule and dose.