Persistent orofacial muscle pain


R. Benoliel, Department of Oral Medicine, The Faculty of Dentistry, Hebrew University-Hadassah, POB 12272, Jerusalem, Israel. Tel: 97226776140, Fax: (9722) 6480111,


Oral Diseases (2011) 17 (Suppl. 1), 23–41

The pathophysiology of persistent orofacial myalgia has been the centre of much controversy. In this article we suggest a novel descriptive term; ‘persistent orofacial muscle pain’ (POMP) and review current evidence that supports the hypothesis that the induction of POMP involves the interplay between a peripheral nociceptive source in muscle, a faulty central nervous system component and decreased coping ability. In this context it is widely accepted that a complex interaction of variable intrinsic and extrinsic factors act to induce POMP and dysfunction.