Transgenic mice expressing a human mutant β1 thyroid receptor are hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive

W. B. Siesser, J. Zhao, L. R. Miller, S.-Y. Cheng and M. P. McDonald

The wrong version of Fig. 3 was published in Siesser et al. (2005). The correct version is printed below. The Editor and Publisher would like to apologise for this error.

Figure 3.

Altered response to methylphenidate in male TRβ transgenics. Locomotor activity in naïve 56-day-old mice immediately after intraperitoneal injection of saline or 40 mg/kg methylphenidate (MPH). (a) Male TRβ transgenics were significantly more active than wild-type mice under saline. Activity of male wild-type mice increased after injection of MPH, consistent with this drug's action as a psychostimulant. In contrast, the activity of the TRβ transgenic mice was lower under MPH than under saline for most of the 1-h session. This paradoxical response to psychostimulants is a hallmark of ADHD. (b) Female TRβ transgenic mice were not hyperactive under saline. However, they exhibited an attenuated response to MPH similar to that observed in the male transgenics.