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Figure S1: Estimation of linkage disequilibrium (D′) for all the probands (including children from West Bengal and the 30 children belonging to 11 different states) using Haploview. The markers rs6150410, rs34808376, rs3735653 and rs1861973 are denoted as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Table S1: List of EN2 markers and the specific primer sequences used for PCR amplification of DNA fragments encompassing these polymorphisms.

Table S2: Details of PCR cycling conditions and genotyping analyses.

Table S3: TDT analysis using specific haplotypes formed between markers.

Table S4: HHRR analysis using specific haplotypes formed between markers.

Table S5: TDT and HHRR analyses of rs1861973 considering male probands.

Table S6: Genotype distribution of the 30 non-West Bengal families.

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