Genes, Brain and Behavior: At the vanguard of behavioral and genomic neuroscience


Genes, Brain and Behavior (G2B) was launched in 2002 at a time when it was becoming increasingly apparent that the ‘genomic revolution’ would offer powerful new opportunities for studying how brain functions regulate behavior. The journal was the brainchild of Wim Crusio. Wim had the foresight to see the considerable value to the community of a journal that provided a single venue for a broad range of research that collated around the common goal of understanding genetic influences on brain and behavior.

Under Wim's 10-year stewardship, G2B has established itself as a premier journal in multiple disciplines. The most recent journal ranking data put G2B in the top of 12.5% of journal in the Behavioral Sciences category and upper quartile of Neuroscience journals overall. The journal's impact factor has stabilized at around 4.0 in recent years (5 − year impact factor = 4.213), another impressive achievement that reflects the growth in the field and the perceived quality of the journal.

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Indeed, since its launch, the journal has seen a steady increase in the number of submissions and is likely to exceed an average rate of 1 submission per day for the current year. Despite this growing volume, the time from submission to decision is on average still only around 3–4 weeks. Once accepted, articles are rapidly typeset and published online (via Early View prior to appearing in one of the eight issues printed each year.

G2B is the official journal of The International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS:, a vibrant organization of former and current scientists from all around the world. Every IBANGS member should feel that they have a real stake in the journal and I welcome not only their submissions, but also their constructive suggestions for taking the journal forward. G2B also enjoys the support and resources provided by a major publishing house in Wiley-Blackwell and our publisher Jackie Jones, supported by her able team. Finally, and absolutely critical, is the hard work and dedication of the team of Associate Editors (Cathy Barr, Christine van Broeckhoven Josh Dubnau, Mary-Anne Enoch, Dan Goldowitz, Robert Hitzemann, Pierre Mormède, Abraham Palmer, Catherine Rankin and David Wolfer). This team provides the journal with an exceptional depth and breadth of expertise across diverse approaches and model systems. This expertise is further bolstered by a highly distinguished Editorial Board.

The principal aim of G2B will be to serve the community by publishing high quality, original research that uses genetic approaches to elucidate the interplay between brain and behavior. Going forward, the journal's continued success and growth will first and foremost depend upon the submission of work of scientific excellence and the willingness of anonymous reviewers to volunteer their valuable time to constructively evaluate it. These are both challenging and exciting times for the field, with many laboratories facing growing financial pressures but also the promise afforded by some remarkable technical advances. As this fosters the trend toward a greater synthesis of research from diverse experimental techniques and species, G2B will be ideally positioned as a venue for the latest advances and I encourage you to submit your work here.

Andrew Holmes 1