• eating disorders;
  • females;
  • oral health;
  • oral mucosa;
  • saliva;
  • tooth erosion

Abstract:  Background:  The prevalence of eating disorders is very high in industrialized countries, especially in young women. The principal orodental manifestations are erosion of the dental enamel, caries and dental sensitivity.

Objectives:  Our aim was to study oral complications in female with eating disorders.

Methods:  We study oral complications (dental, mucosal and salivary) in 17 female patients from the Hospitalized Patients Eating Disorders Unit.

Results:  We found alterations in salivary flow and pH, as well as salivary gland enlargement.

Conclusions:  A significant alteration in oral tissue occurs; this has an adverse impact on oral health, producing an accumulation of local irritants which favour the appearance of oral diseases. Preventative measures are therefore recommended for this group of patients.