• Bromelain;
  • image analysis;
  • papain;
  • stains

To cite this article: Int J Dent Hygiene9, 2011; 229–233 DOI: 10.1111/j.1601-5037.2010.00473.x. Kalyana P, Shashidhar A, Meghashyam B, SreeVidya KR, Sweta S. Stain removal efficacy of a novel dentifrice containing papain and Bromelain extracts –in vitro study.


Objective:  To assess the in vitro stain removal efficacy of a novel commercially available dentifrice.

Materials and methods:  Twenty four human molar teeth (12 in test and 12 in control group) were cut to obtain enamel specimens approximately 9 mm2 and placed on a microscopic slide using mounting adhesive. They were cycled in human saliva, staining model and dried for brushing regimen using a customized brushing apparatus. Lightness values were recorded at baseline, after staining and after brushing regimen using Adobe Photoshop software. Stain removal efficacy was tested using the either of the two dentifrice slurries for 2 one minute brushing cycles.

Results:  The mean lightness increment for test and control after brushing regimen was 13.7 ± 6.35 and 3.16 ± 1.29 respectively. There was statistically significant difference in percentage removal of stains for test and control groups (66.99 ± 9.57 and 25.89 ± 16.2 P < 0.001).

Conclusion:  There was significant stain removal with new whitening dentifrice when compared with control. Further clinical trials are recommended to evaluate this significant difference.