Acta Neuropsychiatrica is an international journal that publishes high-quality research papers in neuropharmacology neuropsychiatry and neuroscience. The journal provides a forum for original basic and clinical research from disciplines and research areas relevant to the pathophysiology, neurobiology, and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. Acta Neuropsychiatrica provides its readership with the latest perspectives from current and emerging fields of psychiatry, neurology, pharmacology, genetics and neuroimaging. Such research may derive from the full spectrum of biological and psychological fields of inquiry encompassing classical and novel techniques/strategies. Emphasis will be given to original research that is of wide interest and clearly advances the field.

Acta Neuropsychiatrica welcomes full-length Original Research Articles, Rapid Communications, as well as Review Articles. Debate is encouraged in the form of Letters to the Editor. All articles published in Acta Neuropsychiatrica undergo peer review.


Gregers Wegener, Aarhus, Denmark


Claire Gilmour


O. A. Andreassen, Oslo, Norway P. Blier, Ottawa, Canada A. Carlsson, Gothenburg, Sweden J. Cryan, Cork, Ireland K. Domschke, Münster, Germany D. Doudet, Vancouver, Canada H. Einat, Minnesota, USA B. Elfving, Aarhus, Denmark M. Francisco Juruena, Sao Paulo, Brazil B.C. Finger, Baltimore, USA M. Geyer, San Diego, USA A. Gjedde, Copenhagen, Denmark T. Gould, Baltimore, USA A. Harkin, Dublin, Ireland J. Harro, Tartu, Estonia B.H. Harvey, Potchefstroom, South Africa A. Holmes, Washington D.C, USA J.R. Homberg, Nijmegen, the Netherlands K. Jensen, Aarhus, Denmark S. Joca, Sao Paulo, Brazil A. Kuruvilla, Vellore, India A.M. Landau, Aarhus, Denmark B. Leonard, Galway, Ireland G.S. Malhi, Sydney, Australia A.A. Mathé, Stockholm, Sweden T. Meldgaard Madsen, Copenhagen, Denmark S. Morley-Fletcher, Lille, France P. Munk-Jørgensen, Aalborg, Denmark I.D. Neumann, Regensburg, Germany J. Panksepp, Pullman, USA M. Popoli, Milano, Italy A. Rajkumar, Aarhus, Denmark A. Reif, Würzburg, Germany A.S. Rice, London, UK V. Risbrough, San Diego, USA D. Slattery, Regensburg, Germany K. Sørig Hougaard, Copenhagen, Denmark D. Stein, Cape Town, South Africa P. Svenningsson, Stockholm, Sweden T.H. Svensson, Stockholm, Sweden V. Volke, Tartu, Estonia B. Vollmayr, Mannheim, Germany Jun Xia, Hong Kong, China C.A. Zarate, Bethesda, USA


L. Foldager, Aarhus, Denmark

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