• Infant nutrition;
  • iron absorption;
  • milk

Abstract. Thirty healthy infants, aged 11–13 months, were studied with regard to the iron absorption from proprietary milk formula. The infants were divided into three groups (I-III) depending on the concentration of iron in the formula: 0.8 (I), 6.8 (II), and 12.8 (III) mg/1, respectively. The calculated amount of iron absorbed per test dose of SO ml of milk averaged 5 μg (I), 32 μg (II), and 43 μg (III). Group I differed significantly from groups II and III. No correlation was found between iron absorption and hemoglobin, MCV, serum transferrin saturation or serum ferritin within the range of normal values. Our findings suggest that at least 7 mg of iron as ferrous sulphate per litre of formula is required to prevent iron deficiency.