• BCG vaccination complication;
  • cerebral BCG granuloma;
  • generalized BCG infection

ABSTRACT. A 6-year-old girl developed progressive symptoms of increased intracranial pressure starting 5 months after BCG vaccination. Thirteen months later craniotomy revealed an epithelioid cell granuloma of the arachnoid occluding the foramen of Magendie. No tubercle bacilli were found on histological examination. Insertion of a Pudenz shunt relieved the symptoms. Six months later generalized BCG infection developed, and in spite of treatment with ethambutol, rifampicin and isoniazid for 10 weeks, death occurred during an episode of increased intracranial pressure. Mycobacterium BCG could be cultured from several organs. The patient showed no obvious evidence of immunodeficiency as judged on the basis of previous disease history, particle concentration of granulocytes, B and T lymphocytes in peripheral blood, concentration of immunoglobulins in serum, response of lymphocytes to transformation with mitogens and antigens, and histological findings in the thymus and BCG granulomas.