• Six-year-old children;
  • MBD-syndromes;
  • hyperkinetic syndrome;
  • pre-school-screening

ABSTRACT. 3448 six-year-old Swedish children were screened for perceptual, motor and attentional deficlts with the help of a questionnaire containing 34 yes-no questions. Epidemiological aspects of single symptoms and of groups of symptoms are presented. Boys displayed many more problems than girls. Children attending day nurseries had more problems than part-time pre-school children, particularly as regards attention and behaviour. 141 of the children–82 with and 59 without questionnaire symptoms suggestive of so-called MBD–had been examined in an extended neuro-psychiatric study. A discriminant analysis of the questionnaire was performed for these 141 children which demonstrated that a set of 6 questions had a high discriminating capacity detecting for MBD-syndromes.