• Glucose polymer;
  • light-for-date infant;
  • infant of diabetic mother;
  • plasma glucose

ABSTRACT. Serial plasma glucose estimations were performed in 44 light-for-date infants and 17 infants of diabetic mothers fed 2, 3 or 4-hourly with feeds containing 10 % additional carbohydrate in the form of a glucose polymer (Caloreen). In the infants fed 2 and 3-hourly, plasma glucose was higher following the high carbohydrate feeds, particularly immediately before the next feed was due. Given 4-hourly, the high carbohydrate feed had little effect in most light-for-date infants, and in one light-for-date infant and two infants of diabetic mothers the plasma glucose was lower at the end of 4 hours than following normal formula. It is concluded that the addition of glucose polymer to feeds given 2 and 3 hourly has a potentially useful effect in neonates at risk of developing hypoglycaemia, but it cannot be used to increase the feed interval to 4 hours.