• epilepsy;
  • selfinduced seizures;
  • pattern-sensitivity.

Abstract. We studied five children (1 boy and 4 girls) with self-induced pattern-sensitive epilepsy. All patients had refractory epilepsy with multiform, though mainly myoclonic, seizures and medium grade to severe mental retardation. Spontaneously self-induced seizures were documented in all cases by EEG. All the patients underwent full neurophysiological assessment (baseline EEG recording, with activation: eyelid closed, hyperventilation, ILS, EEG during the randomized presentation of 3 types of spatial structured stimuli, VEP-F and VEP-PR). The pattern that triggered the EEG anomalies was highly specific and selective for each patient. Clinical seizures were reproduced by the same patterns as the ones used by the patients to bring on the seizures at will. Authors stress the importance of identifying such peculiar type of epilepsy and of attempting adequate treatment.