Ten-year prognosis for generalized infantile eczema


O Linna. Department of PEdiatrics, University of Oulu. Oulu, Finland


Forty children treated in our hospital for generalized infantile eczema were re-examined at 11-13 years of age. In 7(18%) children the eczema had disappeared and in 26(65%) it had become less severe. Unrelated to dermatological status or gender, allergic rhinitis was diagnosed in 31(78%) and asthma in 21(53%) children. Only 8 children continued without either of these two conditions. All 32 children with allergic rhinitis and/or asthma showed at least one positive skin test reaction in a test panel of 11 common inhalant and food allergens compared with only 4 of 8 children without either allergic rhinitis or asthma (p<0.001). Our results showed an improvement of dermatological status in most children with generalized infantile eczema but there was a high risk of a concomitant respiratory allergy and development of allergic rhinitis or asthma.