• Asthma in schoolchildren;
  • schoolteachers

We present an anonymous questionnaire inquiry involving 334 primary schoolteachers in the Randers area with the purpose of elucidating teachers' knowledge about asthma. To a series of statements about asthma, the teachers answered yes, no or don't know. A limited knowledge of different aspects of asthma in children was found, although 57% had asthma children in their classes. Specially limited was knowledge about medical treatment. Five percent had received proper instruction about asthma and had a significantly better knowledge of medical treatment (p < 0.001-0.05). Only 57% knew that wheezing after physical exertion is a strong indicator of asthma and only 33% knew that exertion in cold weather increases the risk of an attack. It is recommended that instruction in children's diseases, especially asthma, is introduced in teacher training colleges.