Effect of a reduced vitamin K supplementation on prothrombin time in prematures and high-risk neonates


R Rossi, University Children's Hospital, Albert Schweitzer Str. 33, D-48129 Münster, Germany


Recommendations for vitamin K supplementation were recently changed to 3 x 1 mg orally in healthy term neonates and 0.2 mg parenterally in prematures and high-risk neonates. Prothrombin times (PT) at reduced vitamin K doses (120 patients, 170 samples) during the first 6 weeks of life were below 40% in 6 patients only; all low PTs were unrelated to vitamin K. In the remaining patients, median PT was 100%; 79% of patients had values above 70%. PT was related to birthweight, gestational age and age. There was no decrease over the observation period. Following reduced oral and parenteral vitamin K regimens PTs were well within published reference values for neonates given larger amounts of vitamin K.