Colchicine for recurrent pericarditis in children


A Yazig, Department of Paediatrics, St George Hospital, PO Box 6417, Beirut, Lebanon


The incidence of recurrence of acute pericarditis in children varies from 15% to 30% and is accompanied by a high morbidity. Various treatment modalities have been used with variable success rates and side effects. La Serna et al. (Lancet 1987; 26: 1517) were the first to treat adults with recurrent pericarditis with colchicine, and were followed by other authors. To our knowledge no studies in children have been reported. In this paper, we present three children who suffered from viral or idiopathic recurrent pericarditis, despite multiple courses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and/or corticosteroids. They responded remarkably well to colchicine, which was administered for 6 months with no adverse reactions. They continue to do well 18, 11 and 12 months after cessation of treatment, respectively.