Changes in parental risk behaviour after an information campaign against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in Norway


Lorentz M Irgens, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Medical Birth Registry of Norway, Kalfarveien 31, NO-5018 Bergen, Norway (Tel. +47 2204 2702, fax. +47 2204 2701, e-mail.


Aim: To assess parental risk behaviour before and after a sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) information campaign with special emphasis on associations with maternal age, education, marital status and birth order. Methods: Data from questionnaires sent to all mothers who gave birth in Norway during a period before the campaign were compared with corresponding data obtained after the campaign. Results: Prevalence of non-supine sleeping position decreased from 33.7% to 13.6% while changes in smoking, non-breastfeeding and co-sleeping were disappointing. Risk factors were particularly prevalent in young mothers, but also in mothers with a minimum period of education, non-cohabitation and at birth order 2+.

Conclusions: Non-supine sleeping decreased to a level that has never been reported before. In future campaigns, subgroup-specific measures may be needed.