Unusual presentation of brucellosis in a child: Acute blindness


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In brucellosis, visual impairment due to optic nerve involvement is rare, and acute onset visual loss is an unusual presenting feature. We report a 15-y-old girl who had pancytopenia and who was admitted to our hospital with acute onset of bilateral blindness and fever. There was no light perception, and anterior segment and fundus examination were normal in both eyes. No other abnormal neurological findings were detected. Increased latencies and decreased amplitudes were found in visual evoked potentials. Cranial MR and CT revealed no abnormality. Blood culture was found to be positive for Brucella melitensis. Anti-Brucella treatment and high-dose metil prednisolon were given. Pancytopenia completely resolved 5 d after anti-Brucella treatment, and at the end of the third month her complaints about impaired vision were resolved.


: Brucellosis may present with uncommon symptoms in children. Physicians, particularly in areas where the disease is endemic, must consider this in differential diagnosis of a child with acute blindness and pancytopenia.