A survey of neonatal resuscitation in Spain: gaps between guidelines and practice


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Objectives: To audit the knowledge and application of internationally recommended newborn resuscitation (NR) guidelines among delivery room (DR) caregivers of Spanish hospitals.

Methods: A questionnaire-type survey on NR equipment and practices was performed in hospitals of the Spanish National Health System classified according to level of care provided.

Results: 88% of the questionnaires were complimented. Limit of viability was set in 23–24 weeks in 78% of the centres. Availability of board-certified and instructors in NRwas significantly higher in level III versus level I–II centres (94 vs. 70% and 78 vs. 51%, respectively). No differences in equipment or knowledge of guidelines of resuscitation were found between centres. Substantial differences were observed in supplementation and monitorization of oxygen, and positive pressure ventilation during resuscitation and transportation.

Conclusion: Equipment availability and knowledge of guidelines of NR does not differ between hospitals independent of their level of care. However, performance during resuscitation and transportation in level III hospitals is in significantly greater acquaintance with internationally recommended NR guidelines.