Effects of topiramate on weight and metabolism in children with epilepsy


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Aim:  To explore the mechanism of topiramate-induced weight loss in epilepsy children by monitoring metabolism indices.

Methods: Children with epilepsy were treated with topiramate at their first clinical visit. Metabolism indices including body mass index (BMI) and its SD scores, leptin, adiponectin, leptin/adiponectin (L/A), lipid profile-insulin and Homeostasis Model Assessments (HOMA) index were collected before and after treatment.

Results:  Topiramate treatment significantly reduced L/A (t = 2.156, p = 0.031), and markedly increased the serum level of adiponectin (t = 3.124, p = 0.002). Moreover, there were no relationships between the metabolism indices and dosages of topiramate (p > 0.05).

Conclusion:  Our studies find that topiramate treatment in epilepsy children increases energy metabolism, resulting in weight loss. It has been demonstrated that adiponectin play a significant role in metabolic regulations.