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A case of a prolonged quest for the diagnosis of recurrent abdominal pain (Case Presentation)


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    The patient is placed in the supine position, and the abdomen is palpated to identify the area of greatest tenderness or pain. The patient is then asked to raise the head and shoulders from the table to facilitate contraction of the abdominal wall muscles. The muscles must be contracted enough to avoid palpation pressure through the abdominal wall. Pressure is reapplied to the previously identified area of tenderness. If the pain is increased (or at least as severe), the source of the patient’s symptoms is most likely to be the abdominal wall and Carnett’s sign is considered to be positive. A positive Carnett’s test and the precise localization of the triggered pain at typical areas for the penetration of cutaneous branches in the fascia of the rectus abdominis are regarded as diagnostic for ACNES.

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