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Pulmonary and hepatic nodular lesions precede the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease in an 8-year-old girl: a case study and review of the literature


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Aim:  To describe a novel clinical observation and to provide a review the literature about lung involvement in children with Crohn disease (CD).

Methods:  An 8-year-old girl presented with pulmonary and hepatic granulomatous lesions, followed 6 months later by abdominal and general symptoms, resulting in the diagnosis of CD. Differential diagnosis between CD and sarcoidosis and a review of the literature about lung lesions in children with CD are discussed.

Results:  Crohn disease can be associated with pulmonary lesions, developing before, at the same time or after occurrence of digestive symptoms.

Conclusions:  This report highlights not only the importance of looking for lung lesions in CD but also underscores the necessity of considering the diagnosis of CD in incomplete presentation evoking sarcoidosis.