High prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk factors among adolescents with intellectual disability.

Wallen EF, Müllersdorf M, Christensson K, Malm G, Ekblom Ö, Marcus C.

On page 856, column 1, the last paragraph, with the heading ‘Level of cardio-metabolic risk factors’, should read:

Prevalence of one or more cardio-metabolic risk factors above the age-specific cut-off levels for adolescents (27–30) was 65% among participants with ID, compared to 24% in the group non-ID (Table S7). The prevalence of more risk factors was 3% in the group non-ID compared to 18% in the group with ID. The most common risk factor was increased WC. HOMA levels above cut-off suggested by Keskin et al. (31) for adolescents occurred in 15% in the group with ID compared to 2% in the group with non-ID.


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