Figure S1 Changes in the excretion of tacrolimus from thestart of the treatment (blue bars) the end of the year (redbars), expressed as the ratio between blood concentration(ng /mL) and given dose (mg / kg per day). Pat #1 discontinuedTac 10 months after start of treatment.

Figure S2 Course of serum alanine aminotransferase concentrationsduring 1 year of treatment. (a) In seven patientswith Tacrolimus monotherapy. (b) In 13 patients with combinationtherapy.

Figure S3 Change in glomerular filtration rate during thetreatment period measured by iohexol clearance at start(blue) and after 1 year (red).

Table S1 Baseline characteristics of the patients included,listed according to their age at inclusion.

Table S2 Main clinical events and immunosuppressive medicationother than tacrolimus during the one-year treatmentperiod and outcome.

Table S3 Changes in the histological pattern between thebaseline and the follow-up biopsies in 14 of the 20 patients.

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