Preschool children with high adherence to inhaled corticosteroids for asthma do not show behavioural problems


  • This study is part of a larger project on determinants of adherence to maintenance treatment in children with asthma, which is funded by the Netherlands Asthma Fund (grant number

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Aim:  To assess prevalence of behavioural problems in preschool children with asthma with electronically verified exposure to inhaled corticosteroids (ICS).

Methods:  Cross-sectional study of 81 children 2–5 years of age using daily ICS for persistent asthma. During 3 months’ follow-up, adherence to ICS treatment was recorded by an electronical logging device (Smartinhaler®). Parents completed the Child Behavior Checklist 1.5–5 years (CBCL 1.5–5) to assess behavioural problems; results were compared to a published reference group of healthy children.

Results:  The median (interquartile range) adherence to ICS was 92 (78–97) %. There was no difference in total CBCL score between children with asthma on ICS (mean, [SD] 32.10 [1.99]) and the reference group (33.30 [1.87], 95% CI for difference −6.62 to 4.22). Children with asthma were more likely to have somatic complaints (95% CI for difference 0.64 to 1.96) and less likely to have anxious/depressive symptoms (95% CI for difference −1.57 to −0.25) than the reference group. CBCL scores were not significantly related to the electronically measured adherence rates.

Conclusions:  Maintenance treatment with ICS, taken daily as prescribed, is not associated with an increased risk of behavioural problems in preschool children.