Ginkgo, a multivariate analysis package



Abstract. The Ginkgo software is a subset of the VegAna (for Vegetation edition and Analysis) package that contains three programs named Quercus, Fagus and Yucca. Ginkgo is a multivariate analysis tool; it is oriented mainly towards ordination and classification of ecological data. Quercus is a relevé table editor; it handles community data to perform a phytosociological analysis. Fagus is a floristic citation editor; it can handle data coming from field surveys, bibliographic sources or collections. Yucca is a cartographic tool; it allows plotting distributions of taxa or syntaxa.

VegAna is produced by the Department of Vegetal Biology, University of Barcelona. The general project is directed by Xavier Font I Castell, the Ginkgo module by Francesc Oliva I Cuyàs. Programmers are Miquel De Cáceres and Richard Garcia. This review deals primarily with Ginkgo.