We would like to draw the attention of readers to the caption of Table 2 in Kulmala et al. (2011). The caption includes “>”-signs that do not belong there. The correct caption is as follows.

Table 2. Measured species at different-aged sites (years), number of observations (n), average of species-specific b values (μmol m−2 s−1, Eq. 1), used time-constants (τ, Eq. 3), used dates of fitting tsti (Eq. 2 and 4), measured maximum Pmaxi values (μmol g−1 s−1, P0i, Eq. 7), measured Pmaxi on the date of fitting (Pmaxi(tsti)), and Pearson coefficients (r2) between the predicted (Eq. 2 and 7) and observed Pmaxi. The last columns represent the coefficient (a) and intercept (b) of a linear regression between observation and simulation. *Modelled days after 15 August were fitted to the measurement on 11 September.


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