jvs1413-sup-0001-appendixS1.docWord document55KAppendix S1. Summary of manure samples collected from grazing animals moving around the Hjälmö-Lådna nature reserve during 2009.
jvs1413-sup-0002-appendixS2.docWord document47KAppendix S2. Description of plant life history traits examined.
jvs1413-sup-0003-appendixS3.docWord document66KAppendix S3. Species for which at least 5 seedlings emerged from cattle and sheep dung collected during or after transit between islands in the Stockholm archipelago. Nomenclature: Karlsson (1998).
jvs1413-sup-0004-appendixS4.docWord document140KAppendix S4. Species recorded in vegetation inventory (edited to match species groupings from seedling emergence experiment) and their abundance (number of plots) throughout the grazing network. Nomenclature: Karlsson (1998).

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