jvs1432-sup-0001-AppendixS1-S3.docWord document407KAppendix S1. Means (±1 SE) of root and shoot biomass (in grams per individual) for each plant species (in columns) growing with each species (in rows) under full competition above and under root competition exclusion underneath (grey shaded). Combinations of interacting dominant and subordinates are bordered with thick line. Appendix S2. Matrix of relative yield per plant for the 8 target species (columns) in interactions with the 8 neighbour species (rows), repeated for blocks (4) in full competition and in root competition exclusion. Means of columns correspond to the competitive effect (CE) of species and means or rows correspond to the competitive response (CR) of species. Appendix S3. Linear mixed-effects model analysis of competitive effect and competitive response depending of root competition and species type (dominant/subordinate) using neighbour species nested into target species nested into block.

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