jvs1444-sup-0001-AppendixS1-S4.docWord document418K Appendix S1. List of total number of individuals per study species, further divided according to the number of individuals per each land-cover type. Appendix S2. Transition matrices of all study species containing the diameter stage-specific rates of survival and transition during the rainy season. Appendix S3. Modelling of survival probability (S) and transition probability ( Psi) as a function of diameter size class, land-cover type and season for all study species. Appendix S4. Study species. Information on habitat requirements and species specific comments, fire sensitivity, as well as some vital parameters as defined by Noble and Slatyer (1980) are presented. Descriptions based on: Buechner & Dawkins 1961, Rietkerk et al. 1998, Bationo et al. 2001, Arbonnier 2002, Andary et al. 2005, Bellefontaine 2005, Dourma et al. 2006, Gignoux et al. 2006, Kouyaté et al. 2006, Nikiema et al. 2007, Sacande & Sanogo 2007, Cauldwell & Ziegler 2008, Dayamba et al. 2008, Duvall 2008, Orwa et al. 2009, Bognounou et al. 2010, El-Kamali 2011, CJB 2012. Growth forms: S: shrub, T: tree.

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