The aim of the present study has been to correlate the degree of malignancy of tumours involving the cervix uteri, expressed by a 5-year survival rate, with histological morphology, nuclear size, and content of DNA. The series comprised 117 patients. DNA-coritents were determined histochemically by U-V-absorption, the nuclear sizes being determined by planimetric measurements. The clinical stages and 5-year survival rates were found to be correlated and furthermore, malignant tissue from patients with cervical tumours was found to present increased contents of DNA in nuclei of the tumour cells as well as significantly enlarged cellular nuclei. A correlation between histological morphology and degrees of malignancy was not observed and our study fails to provide a basis on which to confirm the findings obtained by other authors, for instance, that prognostic data might be obtainable on the basis of the relative DNA-content and/or nuclear sizes in malignant tissue.