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The Establishment of a Protocol for the Total Rehabilitation of Atrophic Maxillae Employing Four Zygomatic Fixtures in an Immediate Loading System – A 30-Month Clinical and Radiographic Follow-Up


Luis Rogério Duarte, Av. Prof. Magalhães Neto, n.1541, SI. 4006, Instituto Renaissance, Pituba, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil CEP-41810-011; e-mail:


Background:  The existing approaches to the treatment of the atrophic maxilla are difficult and involve an element of risk.

Purpose:  The aim of the present study was to establish a new surgical/prosthetic protocol for the treatment of extremely atrophic maxillae using four zygomatic implants (ZIs) in an immediate loading system.

Materials and Methods:  Twelve patients were treated with the surgical placement of 48 ZIs, and the totally edentulous maxillae were rehabilitated with protocol-type maxillary prostheses rigidly fixed to the ZIs in an immediate loading system. Follow-up was conducted at 6 months and again at 30 months.

Results:  Of the 48 ZIs inserted, one implant failed to achieve osseointegration. The prosthetic components fitted well and no sinus pathology was detected in any of the patients.

Conclusion:  The surgical/prosthetic protocol showed that it was possible to insert four ZIs in an immediate loading system and achieve stability for up to 30 months.