Current Perceptions of Travelers’ Diarrhea Treatments and Vaccines: Results From a Postal Questionnaire Survey and Physician Interviews


  • Some of the data from this study have been presented at the Vaccine Development and Commercialization Conference, May 23–24, 2006, Philadelphia, USA.

Nicholas Miller, PhD, Beremans Ltd, 39 Parkside, Cambridge CB1 1PN, UK. E-mail:


Background Travelers’ diarrhea (TD) occurs at high frequency in individuals from industrialized countries visiting destinations in nonindustrialized countries and may result in chronic complications such as Guillain–Barré syndrome.

Methods We distributed a questionnaire requesting information on physicians’ perceptions of currently available TD products, hypothesized TD vaccines, and aspects of travelers’ behavior. Some physicians also were interviewed by telephone.

Results We obtained completed questionnaires from named individuals at 68 UK/US clinics. These individuals reported seeing a total of approximately 76,500 travelers per year, and estimated that 61% (UK) and 77% (US) of travelers present 2 weeks or more predeparture. More US (92%) than UK (43%) travelers are advised to purchase TD products. In both countries, 85% of travelers would be prescribed an ideal TD vaccine, but only ∼47% (UK) and ∼65% (US) would purchase this vaccine. About 80% of physicians would recommend an hypothesized 100% effective Campylobacter vaccine for travelers visiting regions where 30% of TD cases are caused by Campylobacter.

Conclusions Physicians support the concept of TD vaccines, including campylobacteriosis vaccines. An ideal TD vaccine might be purchased by up to 16% (UK) and 28% (US) of relevant travelers. A 100% effective Campylobacter vaccine might be purchased by over 2 million UK/US travelers per year.