First Diagnosis of an Imported Human Myiasis Caused by Hypoderma sinense (Diptera: Oestridae), Detected in a European Traveler Returning From India


  • This paper has been presented at the meeting: XI Congreso Iberico De Parasitología that was held in Lisboa, Portugal, from September 15 to 18, 2009.

Maria J. Perteguer, PhD, Servicio de Parasitología, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Ctra. Majadahonda-Pozuelo, E-28220 Majadahonda, Madrid. E-mail:


This paper reports a case of myiasis caused by Hypoderma sinense in a European man returning from a journey through northern India. The patient showed eosinophilia, systemic signs of inflammation, and painful swellings in several parts of the body. The diagnosis was confirmed by specific serology and parasite molecular identification.