Books reviewed in this issue.

Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger

Susan E. Klepp Revolutionary Conceptions: Women, Fertility, and Family Limitation in America, 1760–1820

SHORT REVIEWS by John Bongaarts, Susan Greenhalgh, Geoffrey McNicoll

John Higley, John Nieuwenhuysen, and Stine Neerup (eds.) Nations of Immigrants: Australia and the USA Compared

Michael Lipton Land Reform in Developing Countries: Property Rights and Property Wrongs

Angus Maddison Contours of the World Economy, 1–2030 AD: Essays in Macro-Economic History

OECD Doing Better for Children

United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report 2009: Overcoming Barriers: Human Mobility and Development

Yunxiang Yan The Individualization of Chinese Society