• Claude Schleuderer,

    1. Claude Schleuderer, Ph.D., received his doctorate from the University of Georgia. He is a psychologist at Ulster County Mental Health Center where he supervises the forensic work of the APA-approved internship program. He has performed family court evaluations for 30 years. In the past 15 years he has personally performed more than 1,200 evaluations involving more than 3,000 people and has supervised another 1,000 evaluations performed by other psychologists. He also maintains a private practice and can be contacted at
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  • Vicky Campagna

    1. Vicky Campagnu, Ph.D., received her doctorate from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology after being a mental health practitioner for 20 years. She has wide experience in family systems and is currently in private forensic practice. She also runs a successful and active listserv in which more than 300 child custody evaluators and family law attorneys consult each other and keep abreast of current developments and controversies in the field. She can be reached at
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  • Authors' Note: This article is based in part on a presentation by the senior author at the AFCC's Fifth International Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations, AZ, November 8, 2002.


Substance use is rampant in contemporary society, but little attention has been paid to it in the context of child custody evaluations (CCEs). This article provides concrete suggestions for integrating issues about substance abuse into a more overarching CCE and discusses specific assessment strategies.