• displacement loop;
  • evolutionary pattern;
  • mitochondrial DNA;
  • Pakistani domestic goats;
  • polymorphism


Complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region of 30 Pakistani domestic goats was sequenced to investigate the genetic diversity and organization. Twenty-two new haplotypes were observed and all were classified into mt-lineage A. Phylogenetic analysis revealed two distinct clusters in mt-lineage A, A1 and A2. A 17 bp deletion and a 76 bp insertion were detected in the L-domain and observed 10 and one animals, respectively, in 232 Pakistani domestic goats. These remarkable deletion/insertion events would be useful to investigate mtDNA diversity within the highly divergent mt-lineage A. In analysis of the control region feature, the caprine mtDNA was A/T rich as observed for other artiodactyls. Four conserved regions, Block A in the L domain, the C-domain, Block B and CSB1 in the R domain, were defined as well as in the other species.