• fish meal;
  • laying duck;
  • leucaena leaf meal;
  • sesame meal;
  • soybean meal


Fish meal is a good source of protein feed that can be used to get a high production yield even though it has a comparatively higher price. Plant protein has been found to substitute for fish meal without any adverse effect on production as well as helping to reduce feed cost. Moreover, it is not necessary for a level more than 5% fish meal in the diet of laying ducks. One type of plant protein is soybean meal, considered one of the most valuable sources of vegetable protein and whose amino acid composition is comparable to that of milk protein. In a soybean meal, the first limiting amino acid is methionine. Soybean meal can substitute for fish meal in laying ducks' diet but supplementation of methionine and lysine is recommended. Since sesame meal is rich in methionine and agrinine, 50% of soybean meal can be replaced by sesame meal without adverse effects. Leucaena leaf meal is also a valuable source of protein (26%) and carotenoids but it also has a toxic amino acid (mimosine). However, soaking leucaena leaf meal in water can remove the toxic amino acid and can be used, together with added methionine and lysine, as 10% of the diet for laying ducks.