• thoracic;
  • blastomycosis;
  • dog;
  • radiographic signs

Thoracic radiographs of 40 dogs with confirmed blastomycosis were reviewed to determine the incidence of the associated radiographic signs. The predominant patterns of disease were determined in each dog and were as follows: nodular interstitial densities, 13 dogs; a mixed lung pattern not localized to any particular part of the lung, ten dogs; a bronchointerstitial pattern, five dogs; a nonspecific hazy interstitial pattern, four dogs; a mixed alveolar and interstitial density, two dogs; a cavitary lesion, one dog. The lungs appeared normal in four dogs. Concurrent findings included eight dogs with thoracic lymphadenopathy, two dogs with pneumomediastinum, and one dog with pleural effusion. None of the lesions appeared mineralized.