• Afghan hound;
  • canine hip dysplasia

In evaluation of pelvic radiographs and necropsy specimens of 3 litters of Afghan Hound puppies resulting from matings of dysplastic parents a spectrum of radiographic phenotypes similar to that reported in other breeds was found. The percentage of dysplastic offspring (75% and 71%) and age at which the diagnosis of canine hip dysplasia could be made (28.5% at 6; 67% at 12; 90.5%at 18; 95% at 35; and 100% at 36 months of age) was also similar to that reported for other breeds. Hip dysplasia in the Afghan Hound is similar in radiographic appearance to hip dysplasia in other breeds despite the low. incidence of this condition among Afghan Hounds. The inheritance of hip dysplasia appeared to be the same in Afghan Hounds as that reported in other breeds