• stomach neoplasms and stomach ulcers;
  • dog;
  • radiography

This paper is a retrospective analysis of the radiographic appearance of one benign and four malignant gastric ulcers in dogs. The benign gastric was diagnosed radiographically following gastric surgery and was healed at necropsy 28 months after diagnosis. Malignant gastric ulcers were confirmed at surgery and/or necropsy. None of the five ulcers penetrated the normally expected gastric contour. Mucosal fold pattern was either partially or completely effaced with all five ulcers. Undermining appeared to be present asymmetrically in the benign and one malignant ulcer, and symmetrically in one malignant ulcer. Tissue surrounding the ulcers joined the normal gastric wall very abruptly in three malignant ulcers. This transition was more gradual in the benign ulcer and was not identified in one malignant ulcer. None of these ulcers completely fit the criteria used in people to diagnose benign gastric ulcer. Prospective evaluation of more cases with a more thorough radiographic technique is needed