• canine;
  • humerus;
  • shoulder;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • radiology

Mediolateral and supinated mediolateral radiographs of the shoulder joint were compared in 19 dogs. Twenty shoulders, representing 15 dogs (5 had bilateral lesions), had osteochondrosis of the humeral head. The flattened humeral head and subchondral defect were detectable in both views in all affected shoulders. The lesions were slightly more easily detected in the supinated view. The supinated view more consistently demonstrated the presence of a calcified cartilage flap and therefore, could be useful in determining a course of therapy. In four dogs (8 shoulders) without osteochondrosis and six normal shoulders from affected dogs, there were no instances in which a shoulder appeared normal on one view, but demonstrated a lesion on the other. The supinated view should be obtained in addition to the mediolateral view in dogs with osteochondrosis of the humeral head.